Our Commitment

We are committed to minimising the environmental impact of our organisation by. . .

         • Reducing wate and recycling

         • Making effective use of resources, including water and energy

         • Conducting an audit and adopting energy efficient practices

         • Sharing our good practice amongst staff, volunteers and service users

         • Collaborating with other organisations to help the environment


SME Climate Hub

         • As an SME Climate Hub, Impactful Governance has made a commitment to be net-zero by 2030.

         • By drastically reducing our carbon emissions and making plans to offset our carbon emissions, we hope to lower our environmental footprint.


What does Net-Zero mean?

         • Net-Zero means that you are not putting more carbon into the atmosphere than you are taking out of it.

         • CO2 emissions is one of the biggest causes of climate change, by taking this step towards net-zero you ensure that your organisation is not actively contributing to the climate crisis.


How can Net-Zero be achieved?

         • You need to account of any possible sources of carbon emissions and create a sustainability plan.

         • Impactful Governance has put together a resource you can use called the Eco Office Audit which will guide you as you make these steps.

Eco Office Audit

Eco Office Audit

    We have recently launched a FREE Eco Office Audit to help your organisation on its journey towards becoming more environmentally friendly.


1. Initial Environmental Assessment

         • This remote online survey will help us figure out your company's environmental strengths and weaknesses.

         • To complete the survey, please CLICK HERE.


2. Company Audit

         • An on-site company audit will help you figure out what you already have and where eco-friendly alternatives might be a better option.


3. Final Report

         • After the audit has finished, you will receive a personalised report containing details on how you can make some sustainable changes in your business.


For more information on how you can get started on your eco-journey:

         • Email: research@ig-cic.org.uk

         • Call: 07305 095630

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